A57enal vs. Vanchester United

2 Nov

Well thank goodness that week is out the way. Were it not for our superhuman efforts at Reading on Tuesday evening,  I don’t quite know how I would have made it until today. Still I have done, and now we can sit back and enjoy a weekend of football, kicking off with our beloved Arsenal against some team in red from Manchester.

Nick was on hand today with his phone to set up our ‘matchly’ text banter, so without further ado . . .

Warning: May contain irony.


Nick          12.45

Good afternoon Tom on this crisp Friday afternoon and a warm welcome to all you lovely followers. I would just like to say thank you for helping us make 200 Twitter followers!

 I turn 24 tomorrow Tom as you know, which fits in nicely with our crunch game at Old Trafford! It could be a risky situation what with it being my birthday and us facing our old rivals! Either way there will be beers aplenty! Anyway back to the football and after a bonanza of a game Tuesday night (which I’ve just about got my voice back from) it’s Utd v Arsenal and Fergie v Wenger once again!

With Wilshere and Sagna back fit and firing you might just have a sneaky feeling we could pull off a result this weekend, we might just ‘Nick-a-win’ as they say! If we can dominate the midfield and somehow stop their attack that is. The worry, of course, will be conceding goals as over the last few weeks we’ve been conceding them like they’ve gone out of fashion. With RVP they now have 9 of the goalscores from last season’s humiliation! To be 4 down inside half an hour the other night to a team like Reading (no disrespect) who are fighting the drop, it was shambolic! Koscielny and Djourou were like a couple of clowns at a circus!

I guess we needed the nightmare of conceding four to make it the game it was though and it was the day before halloween! I wonder what sort of reception RVP will get? A mixed bag I’m sure. No doubt Vermaelen will give him a few kicks for old times sakes! Over to you Tom for your thoughts on this weekends super Saturday….

Tom         14.52

I’ll lay it on the line to begin with Nick. A win tomorrow and a bottle of champagne is on me for your birthday. Ok, maybe some cheap lambrini, but you won’t notice the difference at that stage of the night! Tomorrow’s fixture is indeed coming up faster than hurricane Sandy and the fallout could be even worse. Another thumping at the hands of the old enemy would be catastrophic, especially if RVPrick is on the score sheet! But who am I to think negatively! We’ll stuff ’em 4-2 in my opinion, let Fergie chew over that result instead of his bloody gum! Their strength will be down the right, Valencia is always dangerous but Santos looks like he is carrying someone on his back most of the time, so I don’t particularly want to see him run ragged at left back.

I also don’t want to see Ramsey play and completely slow us down on the counter. If you look at the pace Chelsea attacked with, that’s how we need to play them. Yes their back line is week, but if it’s just Giroud to handle, then they have the experience to do that. I doubt Walcott will get the start, I would have him on the bench with the contract in his hand and a pen. See how much he wants it. Which means Chamberlain should start if he is fit, push Evra back and link up with Cazorla…

Spot the Legend!

Nick         14.58

Well a bottle of rum may tickle my tum but a nice cold pint will do just fine Tom! We need to start the Ox or Walcott tomorrow I just can’t see what Ramsey will offer on the flanks, chuck Gnabry in that will put the cat amongst the pigeons! Bit of pace and panache. Go there and play for a draw and they’ll pummell us! But with little Jack and happy Cazorla popping up all over the place we have room for optimism.

Its going to be a cold, crisp lunchtime game so Wenger will need his tea cosey on! That big puffer jacket could hide little Jack Wilshere! I swear Arsenal spend more money on training kit than they do players! I think Sagna can handle Young no problem – back pocket stuff for Bacary. I wonder how much Fergie will bung the ref for this game or how much Fergie time will be added. Hopefully the time added on is for RVP who gets stretchered off to the local hospital for a reality check! Anyway it’s all a bit of fun, no doubt the game will be as pulsating as Arsenal’s last one. Just don’t give this sort of opposition a 4-0 head start!

Tom         15.45

How can we forget our jack in a box down the middle! If the game is to be won-nil (apologies!), his role in the centre of the park will be vital. They can’t mark both him and Cazorla out of the game!

It’s also just been confirmed that United start without their two key men, both Howard Webb and Mark Clattenberg (not a confirmed racist) will have to watch the game from the sidelines. I still expect United to make a last-minute referee signing, but will he have time to practice with the players? I hope not! The only decision needing to be talked about come the final whistle is why RVP left our loyal and great club!

A great man once said, ‘If you do not believe you can do it, then you have no chance at all’. Fitting words there from le boss himself. Come on you Gunners!!!!

‘Who is refereeing the game?’


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