Sauerkraut and Blutwurst, but at least there won’t be penalties!

5 Nov

Well, it’s out of the way. That’s the only way we can look at it really. A trip to Old Trafford has failed to fill me with much excitement in past seasons, so I for one am just happy to see the back of that cauldron of poor refereeing and vile chanting. If there are annoying supporters come tomorrow evening, at least we won’t we be able to understand them! Perhaps this game comes at the wrong time – the hardest fixture by far in this year’s group stages – but there never seems to be a right time with our injury situation, so let’s just keep the faith and hope we can play better than we did at our place. In the meantime, why not enjoy our match preview, featuring more creativity than an Arsenal side in October!

Warning: May contain irony.

I just want your shirt!


Tom          15.55

Well the working week has begun with a bang Nicholas as a few stray fireworks went fizzing past my window today. Let’s hope the same spark is to be found in our creativity tomorrow evening as we face a difficult trip to Germany.

All eyes will once again be on our misfiring front line, and with Ramsey out, you have to feel the Gods are finally trying to send Wenger a message to mix things up. Looking at the pictures of training today, the manager seems to have bought a new puffer jacket, so maybe he is in the mood for a shake up. Either that, or he swapped it with Van Persie at the end of the match! Oh dear, oh dear, what was our resident Brazilian thinking eh? You wouldn’t expect it of an Arsenal fan at the game, let alone one of our players. I did have a little look through the possible Schalke starting 11 tomorrow night though, and bar Huntelaar I can’t think of many who could tempt him to make the same mistake.

The added influx of players returning from injury has not happened, meaning our medical team is kept busier than Mark Clattenburg and Howard Webb at United’s training facility. In all honesty I don’t know why Wenger doesn’t come out and say they are due back 2015 and spare us all the hassle!

So tomorrow may be a case of shut up shop, but with Vermaelen playing the way he is and Santos asking for his autograph, sick-or-not Walcott needs to start alongside Giroud upfront. Early thoughts anyway. A penny for yours Nick? Will we Nick-a-win?

Nick         16.52

Good evening Tom on this guy forks night and by George there was some fireworks after the game on Saturday! I mean where do we start? Santos swapping shirts at half time? Wenger getting the team selection wrong again? Woeful defending from supposedly our best defender? In general it was ANOTHER average display with a toothless front line!  I don’t like being negative but unless Arsenal get their act together it could remain this way for a few weeks!

A lack of passion has been my concern for a while now. We give teams far too much time on the ball and make it easy for them! Teams that come to the Emirates must love it, we are great hosts! The days of Adams,Keown and Viera intimidating the opposition have long gone! Santos a prime example of this! Hugs and kisses with an ex player and then swapping shirts at half time. He’s left Andre, it’s time to move on! Santos shouldn’t be playing at left back again, Coquelin or Vermaelen would be better off there. I mean even Nigel Winterburn would have been a better option! The defence started the season so well, but it seems we have to have a fully fit back 4 to keep clean sheets. It highlights the lack of depth we have when players like Santos are playing whose only interest is getting a shirt to frame and put on his wall.

For me Walcott and the Ox have to play wide to compliment Giroud, Ramsey and Podolski just aren’t offering anything at the moment! You look at United’s wide men and in Young and Valencia they have real pace to get in behind and hurt a defence. The only thing Arsenal are hurting are the fans pockets at the moment!

The dive-in-ator

Tom         16.59

Cazorla could move the right, or have we forgotten that? That means Arteta and Wilshere to hold in the middle. I mean we actually played better on Saturday when we lost someone from that area. It meant we were forced to play it forward a bit sooner, never a bad thing when the closest we got to their goal in the first half was during the warm up

Nick         17.10

Well to finish on a more positive note, let’s hope Arsenal get their act together tomorrow and Wenger has a long hard think about his Arsenal team and how to get us back to winning ways. A few tweaks here and there, returning players to boost the team and we might just look like the Arsenal who can actually win something again. At the moment, it’s all up in the air, a bit like those fireworks Tom!

New Jacket? New formation?


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