Charity begins at home. . . Just not to Fulham!

9 Nov

After doing the decent and gentlemanly thing in Europe and giving up a two goal lead, it’s back to the relentless, fast-paced frenzy that is the Premier League and a visit from the Cottagers to our beautiful (still paying it off mind!) stadium. You have to think we go in to this fixture as favourites, despite the proximity of the two teams in the League table. However, current form suggests that nothing can be taken for granted.

Of course all this negativity surrounding the club does let me and Nick have a good old moan in our match preview. Get stuck in!  

He did exist . . . Once!


Tom          14.32

 Nick, I have a dream . . . Well technically I had a dream. Last night for some reason unbeknown to me, I decided to go and find out what was up with Diaby’s injury for myself. When I started to ask around, however, people kept trying to put me off the scent. Eventually I found Abou himself and uncovered his unfortunate secret. Somehow he had some sort of hole in his leg (I know!) He told me not to tell anyone and that he may have to retire. Oh, and he was crying..

ANYHOW, that’s just a snippet of my weird and wonderful imagination. Although in all seriousness, any more weeks out and I may have to question my own psychic abilities! So that’s how my match preview begins today, tinged with disappointment. Only one potential return tomorrow in the shape of the OX, but still no sign of Rosicky, Gibbs or the man from my dream (does he even exist?)

Still, if the OX can return he walks straight into the starting line up, although on the left that is. Shift Podolski upfront – apologies there Walcott – and give Giroud a bit of a rest. It is pace that will unsettle the Fulham defence, not some out-of-breath German having to cover for our lack of a proper left back. Is it any wonder he has been subbed the most? The poor guy is putting out fires when he should be putting the ball in the net.

‘Fulham have never won at Arsenal’, I do hate those type of stats! No doubt it will be branded about before kick off, but we all know anything less than 100 per cent and they have the ability to buck that trend. As Arsenal unveil their fantastic charity work with a new Lung Function Unit at Great Ormond Street Hospital, are you feeling very charitable with your wisdom today me old chum?

Nick         15.03

Good afternoon Tom and a warm welcome to all our wonderful readers. I’m in a more positive mood than I was before the game on Tuesday night, mainly because its Friday, the weekend is here and of course Arsenal are in action this weekend! It can’t really get much worse anyhow, I just feel there’s more to come from everyone at the club and with a busy month ahead and then the festive fixtures on the horizon, I’m hoping for a turnaround.

Still no news on Diaby, which makes us question if we will we see him before Santa? My money is on Santa that’s for sure! Our very own Czech-mate Thomas Rosicky is back in training which you might have missed and that can only give us a lift. The little mozart was in fine form at the back-end of last season performing like an old Rolls Royce just cruising through the gears. Hopefully he can add a new dimension to this Arsenal team.

Did you know Tom, we still have the best defence in the league? Well, it’s true, so lets take that as a positive and now add more creativity and goals. With the Ox and Thomas coming back in over the next few weeks they can only help us going forward! Wenger has called upon the team to lift the atmosphere at the Emirates so let’s hope Arshavin is not involved, because he’s hardly inspiring! I don’t even think a Russian model could lift his mood and enthusiasm! But anyway, onwards and upwards for the Gunners over the next few weeks!

Arsenal need pacey wide men to stretch teams otherwise it’s oh so easy to defend. Fulham of course have Berbatov who on his day can destroy any defence, so lets hope our Giant German, Big Per, can contain the nomadic Bulgarian! Momentum Momentum Momentum, that’s the trick!

‘Like a Rolls Royce’ Nick James

Tom         16.12

Well Nick that sounds like some sort of enchantment at the end there, let’s leave the magic to Wenger and his hat eh! Agree with everything you have said and it is great to hear of Rosicky’s potential return, a fan favourite on his day. As for Berbatov, I don’t think he will be as effective away from home. Fulham especially have struggled on the road this season, despite having the same amount of points as us. They must be doing something right, but Martin Jol will only have bad memories of playing Arsenal and I expect that will figure in his team selection. 

Will we get to see the likes of Eisfeld gaining some more minutes? I do wonder. I heard one of the Dortmund coaches say that if he hadn’t been injured at their club, he would be ahead of Mario Goetze in the pecking order. Now that Nick, is the sort of thing that gets me out of bed in the morning. That and a game of football which I have to fit in before the 3pm match tomorrow. Early prediction, 3-1 Arsenal. Don’t all rush to the bookies!


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