‘Love thy neighbour’ – unless he wears white and blue!

15 Nov

And so Arsenal face their North London neighbours on Saturday in one of the earliest fixtures the Premier League could have possibly arranged. In fact, it’s so early that even the alcoholic who sits on a bench at the bottom of our road will have drunk less than me by the end of the game – such is the demand on us fans to get up and at it by the crack of dawn.

Last season’s match saw us run out 5-2 winners of course, we didn’t release a DVD (take note any Spurs fans!), but it did provide us with the majority of bragging rights in the capital, before Chelsea put that final nail in old Harry’s coffin. So in true Gooner style, Nicholas and myself preview the game with more Spurs jokes than the entire 11 who will line up against us come 12.45!

More of the same Theo (5-2!!!!)


Tom          17.44

Well Nick, the North London derby is approaching thick and fast, a bit like Spurs’ left sided chimp, Gareth Bale. Both teams are hardly approaching this one with much confidence or form, which means a good start to the game is a must. All  said and done, we will probably end up in some high scoring, frenetic game, where Wilshere ends up nutting Gallas (who wouldn’t?) and Giroud finishes the game at centre back discussing his time in France with fellow ex-ligue 1 player Ade-can’t-hit-a-barn-door. Wenger and AVB will be sat on their haunches on the touch-line unable to gesticulate for fear of falling over, and Arshavin will score the winner before revealing a shirt that predicted he would do just that! It’s written in the stars Nicky boy, and on the Meerkat’s t-shirt of course!

A win really would be huge for our season though and we can’t underestimate any side, even if they are managed by a guy who can grow a more impressive ginger beard than your fine self. How many of the injured players will return? My guess is all of them, including the Spurs contingent who weren’t humbled in Sweden midweek. On that note, good old Zlatan must have thought he was playing against Arsenal bagging all those goals. The bicycle kick was a thing of beauty and it made me wonder how many other players in the world would have had the confidence to try something like that? But then it hit me – Nicklas Bendtner. Of course, that arrogant Danish pastry would have tried, only he would have ended up with his Paddy pants over his head instead of scoring!

News just in is that Tesco are releasing new Oxo cubes in Spurs colours, customers are being told to look out for laughing stocks!! Mind the gap eh! I have been slightly grateful to Tottenham this season in spite of all the jibes. Every time we suffer a poor result they seem to trump it with a worse one of their own, what nice chaps! I mean is it just me or are Spurs the team to beat this season? Everyone seems to be doing it. Oh nick, it’s all going on this evening!! Let’s have your take on this feisty fixture – so feisty they put it on in the morning!

Nick         18.09

Good evening Tom, and I must say that this North London derby has all the makings of a classic! Neither can defend and I don’t think either manager knows his best team. What we do know, however, is that Ivan Gazidis is predicting a rosy future for the gunners! I’m sure his garden is pretty rosy, what with pocketing 50k a week, but how good he is at predicting the future I don’t know! I mean if he can, then I suppose we really can blame him for losing RVP! Let’s hope he’s right on this new, untimely statement.

Anyway, back to the weekends big game and after a pointless international break the Premier League returns. Talking of returns, the latest news is that the Ox, Walcott and Szczesny should be back. The man that’s left behind with his feet up will be left-back Kieran Gibbs, whose injury nightmare continues it seems. When will we see him next? Poor old Gibbs, I think we’ve got more chance of seeing Ashley Cole play at the Emirates this season! We’ve just got to face the facts and make do without him again! Hopefully Santos is warming the bench and no doubt wrapped up in a shirt he decided to swap before the game. Probably Adebayors knowing Andre!

I can’t hold it. . .

Oh, come on!

Tom         18.12

Yes, unfortunately for Andre, he is one of those players I would let have an Ipad on the touchline, just to keep him occupied on Twitter. Maybe he could improve his spelling while he is at it! How long will Vermaelen last at left back before he kicks up a fuss? Maybe being captain he will just have to bottle it up. Talking of bottles, let’s keep them away from Wenger on Saturday! I do fancy Arshavin to feature, whether he starts on not will probably depend on if they can wake up Cazorla after his around the world trip, but in that position he certainly could provide some creativity. Giroud gets the nod from me, he nods enough during the game to cause them problems… and that just leaves the two English boys on the wing providing the width and keeping their wide men on their toes. If Podolski thinks he does a lot of running at left wing, wait until he chases Walker and Lennon for 90 mins! 

Nick         19.01

Agreed Tom, and as is the pattern in the last 2 games we’ve played, we’ve gone 2 up and drawn both. Maybe this weekend we need to go 2 down and come back to win? Ring any Xmas bells? Well it does for me with last season’s game at the Emirates where we came from 2 down to win 5-2. One of the sweetest moments of last season and a game all Gunners I’m sure will remember very fondly! We can’t call upon Robin Van Pursestrings this time around but Olly Giroud is on form at the moment so let’s hope the Frenchman can carry on from where he left off! With Jack back relishing this kind of game you fancy Arsenal to win and win in style!

With Walcott and the Ox flying down those wings like a couple of sparrow hawks Spurs’ back-four could be in for a long afternoon. Talking of hawks lets hope Wenger doesn’t lose his marbles before the game. Otherwise he’ll be on the phone to our mate Pat Rice for some advice!

It’s all set like vodka jelly in my fridge, bring on the old enemy! Let’s strangle those cockerels. My prediction: 3-1. You heard it here first.

Match winner?


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